Traditionally people like to conduct meetings over a hot cuppa joe. Or an evening glass of wine if you know your client well. The Misfit crew talks shop with Drexel University Sacramento over yogurt – fro-yo to be exact. We didn’t do it just to be different, although we do have a passion for bucking the trends. We did it because eating fro-yo puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Fro-yo is the new ice cream. And you know what they say about ice cream “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream.”

To celebrate Drexel’s commencement and a successful school year, Misfit hired local downtown Sacramento frozen yogurt shop, Yogurtagogo to deliver a special afternoon treat. Our team served the Drexel Dragons their yogurt out of the back of the yogurtmobile to show our appreciation for their business.

Needless to say, our client loved it!