Music so easily soothes our souls.

Even in its smallest form it can get you out of your desk for a mere second to shake it down, break it down, or whatever kind of “down” you like.

Think of all those moments screaming your favorite song at the top of your lungs, hearing it on a first date, a party, a hangout, a workout. Whether they give us a good cry or a good laugh, they are priceless. When we hear something we love, our world is immediately enlightened, where the present is beautiful and our past memories feel glorious.

It feels as if time stops, and your heart needs to take a moment to just listen. You’ve experienced it: when you’re driving in the car and “your” song comes on (because who else could it belong to), and you frantically rush to turn the volume up. Secretly, you want to tell everyone who may be in the car at the time “Don’t say a single word.” Because, for that short three to four minutes, you’re placed into your own universe of your own creativity, thought, and emotions that are free of judgment. It is no wonder that music is a universal language.

Music has this effortless ability to unite those who are listening. Nearly every day here at Misfit, I thoroughly enjoy the blaring diversity of tunes coming from our creative department. It’s silly how I often find myself randomly lingering near our creative department without reason, only to discover a new artist, a new song, or to just embrace a three-second head bang and then return back to the desk, reinvigorated. It’s no surprise that our creative department consistently has a new song on at every moment of the day because they are searching for their next piece of art. Art inspires art. For goodness sakes our creative director has guitars in his office!

Music in the work place is like Bobby and Whitney. No, like Lindsay and Stevie, or Sonny and Cher. Or like Jimi and his guitar. Yes, now those two go together.

Cherish the music you love. Don’t take it for granted, and turn it up in the office – even if it’s just for one song.

Music leads the heart. Always listen.