Here’s a little known fact – the building Misfit is housed in, Pioneer Hall, is over 145 years old. When Sacramento was in its infancy, the city’s most influential people would hang out here and discuss old timey stuff. Like how to farm things, or where to buy the best mustache combs.

Over the decades, Pioneer Hall has witnessed a whole, vibrant city spring to life around it, and the entire world completely transform, time and time again. It’s been here through wars, depressions, and Bieber fever. From horses to automobiles, quill pens to keyboards, this building is as much a part of the old world as it is a part of the new.

In a lot of ways, Pioneer Hall is perfectly suited to be our home. The settlers of early Sacramento were building something new and incredibly exciting, and no one could possibly anticipate where it would end up. It seems appropriate that Misfit is firmly ensconced within a building imbued with that old cowboy spirit.

History was made here in 1868. Here’s to making it again in 2013 and beyond.

By the way, we’re still trying to find the best mustache combs.