Giving back to the community is one of the main pillars Misfit is founded upon. Be it giving staff time to help in their own personal causes, donating agency resources to help non-profits, or standing in the winter cold collecting turkeys for charity.

Whatever form it takes, it is important to us.

That’s why we were thrilled to be a part of “Power On!” – an event of giving to children’s hospitals. We worked closely with our client Papa Murphy’s, a brand committed to bringing families together over food (like a real meal with plates, knives, and forks).

Through a CBS program (EcoMedia Inc & Starlight Children’s Foundation), we leveraged part of Papa Murphy’s budget to fund two Starlight Fun Centers® and four Starlight Tablets for four local hospitals.

Starlight Fun Center® units contain gaming systems that roll bed side in hospitals to provide distractive entertainment and therapeutic play for pediatric patients. For children facing surgery, enduring long outpatient treatments, or fighting loneliness after hospital visiting hours have ended, these units provide a comforting brean and fun distraction. Starlight Tablets come loaded with Starlight’s educational programming, applications and six award-winning online education programs. Kids use the tablet to Facetime family and access the Starbright online social network for teens with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions, and their siblings.

We had the opportunity to visit one of those hospitals, Sutter Children’s, prior to the “Power On!” event. It was a humbling experience and something I will remind myself of every time I think my day is tough.

A 13-year-old cancer patient demonstrated the Starlight Fun Center® for us and shared how it’s helped during her 12-month battle including long stays in hospital.

Part of the reason we love working with Papa Murphy’s is that many of the franchisees are our friends. We’re truly vested in their success. When we go above and beyond for them, we know how deeply it is appreciated and the difference it makes to their business. To help Papa Murphy’s provide this much-needed comforting break and distraction to children and families is priceless.

I went to sleep that night feeling like the work we did actually made a real difference.

During the tour many of us turned to one another and asked, “How can we provide more of these units?” $5,000 + tax for a Fun Center® and $1,500 + tax for a Tablet. Please check out the Starlight website, it’s easy to find a local hospital to help!