And I jump out of my seat.
“How may I help you?”

This “BUZZZZ” noise comes from a little white box that we call the buzzer. It sits on the wall next to my desk and is used to unlock the door downstairs.

As honorary buzzer operator here on the island of Misfits, this is the way many of my conversations go throughout the day.

Being in the heart of downtown and across from the K Street Mall, our office location sets us up for a wide variety of “buzzer pushers.” Aside from the usual Misfit visitors; clients, vendors and reps, we get an assortment of Sacramentans who wonder, “What’s a Misfit?” and “What goes on behind that bright orange door?” or my favorite, “Are you guys like Mad Men?”

Agency life can often be stressful with unheard of deadlines and crazy schedules, but in the midst of the insanity – all you curious buzzer pushers give us Misfits a good laugh.